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Edible Mushroom information

The UK Fungi renaissance is only just beginning in our view and already there is a vast amount of extraordinary new information out there to indicate mushroom cuisine is about much more than just great flavour, its about healthy eating too!

Below is just a small taster of some of the intriguing information out there...

  • According to a 2018 paper in the journal 'Nutrients', the population of Japan consumes an average of 15g of a mixed variety of mushrooms daily. The paper also suggests that eating mushrooms 'suppressed visceral fat accumulation and increased the relative abundance of some short chain fatty acid- and lactic acid-producing gut bacteria. These findings suggest that mushroom intake is an effective strategy for obesity prevention' (


  • Dr Paul Stamets is perhaps the world's leading mycologist and certainly the most entertaining. He has given a number of superb and intriguing lectures on the subject of Fungi - including discussing the tantalising potential for delicious Lion's Mane mushrooms to reverse cell damage and dementia. Here's a link to one of his interviews on Youtube, but there are many others.


  • Edible mushrooms can be an excellent source of vitamin D. In fact, a peer reviewed paper in October 2018 edition of the journal Nutrients states that: 'mushrooms have the potential to be the only non-animal, unfortified food source of vitamin D that can provide a substantial amount of vitamin D2 in a single serve'. (